Learn about how Red Card Pub and Tex Mex Taco Bar came to be the Pullman Tex Mex restaurant.

A true story as told by Greg, co-owner (with his wife, Gena) of Red Card Pub.

On June 1, 2020 at approximately 11:30am, Red Card’s very first customer (aka Justin) walked through our doors. While I had no idea at the time, this moment would prove to be the beginning of what has become one of the wildest, most enjoyable, most humbling, and without question, most exhausting experiences of my life. Anyway, after spending a couple of minutes looking over our menu, Justin ordered one of our taco combos. I proceeded to take the ticket to our super tiny kitchen in the back of the pub where my wife (Gena) was waiting. I said to her, “Well, we officially have our first order. Here we go.” To which Gena responded, “That’s great. What do we do?”

Gena’s response was a perfect prelude to this entire journey. When I say that Gena and I had literally zero experience working in the food service industry, I mean that. And when I say that I never really had a concrete or definitive plan as to what our little pub would become, I mean that, too. That said, and looking back to that moment when Customer 1 walked through our doors, all I can say is WOW! With the support and guiding force of the Pullman community we have actually become a real thing. Something more than just an idea or whim. We have become a place where (I truly hope) all that walk through our door feel welcomed and at home. More specifically, we truly love what our role in the Pullman community has become, which is offering average food to average folks who just enjoy having an above-average time with family and friends.

So whether you’re a Pullman lifer, or just someone visiting the area for a day, make a point to stop by Red Card Pub. We’re committed to doing whatever we can to make sure your visit is worthwhile and enjoyable. See you soon!

A quick peak behind the bar at Red Card Pub and Tex Mex Taco Bar.